Our Projects

WordPress websites & E-Commerce
  1. System in 14 languages
  2. 550 products × 14 languages
  3. Web editing powered by WordPress
  4. Creation of a plan for the creation of a new catalogue with a vision for development into an e-shop in each country
  5. We are now redesigning the catalogue so that we make it more manageable and with the vision of developing it into an eshop in each country

The development version is in the link – estimated launch is around July 2021

  1. 20 thousand products (80 thousand variable products)
  2. 700 thousand images
  3. points and discount system
  4. integration with the accounting and warehouse system Pohoda – all controlled from the accounting software
  5. extra-fast search
  6. selective shipping restrictions
  7. SEO filters
  8. videos in products
  9. imports
  10. favorite products

Launching 7/2021 – development site in details

  1. multilanguage eshop – 10 languages
  2. Push notifications
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Synchronized testimonials
  5. Social media integration
  6. Abandoned basket
  7. Zásilkovna
  8. Mailstep
  9. Twilio
  10. Fakturoid
  11. Alzashop
  1. Graphic design of 2020
  2. Catalogue system with parameters
  3. Production of graphic design in cooperation with Fragile.cz agency

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